Attractant – a naturally scented oil. It is used for lubrication of artificial lures to give them a certain smell. The oil penetrates deep into the bait and sustains there for a long time. Practice of recent years shows that scented lures works more effectively than not scented. Oils for attractants are extracted using special technology, which allows you to save the maximally natural scent. Therefore, these scents are comparable with the best products from America or UK. Attractants can also be used as an additive to the cozy, as they are made of natural oil, slowly dispersible in water. We have eight types of attractants: shrimp, cancer, clam, fish, mackerel, smelt, anise and garlic scent. 


Take a soft plastic bait and lubricate it with the attractant. Leave it for 1-2 days for the best absorbation.

Capacity: 25 ml.