About us

          Hello. Our company was established in 2013 04 10 d. We are the first in Lithuania to produce soft plastic baits. Having a great fishing experience we produce baits, which are unique in shapes and colors, and that makes them perfect for fishing. Our created models perfectly suits for fishing in rivers, lakes and sea. Seeking the best results, we are consulting with fishermen and colleagues from all over Europe. Also we are looking for new solutions in forms, colors and odors (scents). Our goal is to make a perfect bait for fisherman regardless of whether it is professional or amateur fisherman. With our lures you can catch a predatory fish, even under the most unfavorable conditions. Evaluate the best bait can only fish and with our soft baits all predatory fish is caught not only in Lithuania, but also in foreign countries.

          All “Apetito Baits” lures are manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials to ensure superior quality of lures and excellent work in water.

          JSC "Nemo Group" is one of the sponsors of the ongoing spinning competitions.